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June 2019 update

The new platform continues to deliver well with traffic continuing to increase on a weeky basis. Summer in Shetland alway brings increased interest in the UK’s most northerly live camera network thanks to the long summer days, the simmer dim and the puffins.

In the last couple of weeks we have brought on our new UK Edge server with an additional dedicated 1gbps link to the internet. All our sponsored cameras have now been moved to the enhanced platform with the rest of the cameras being delivered by our European Edge Network.

Some of our viewers from Australia, New Zealand and the US West Coast were reporting some issues with our European servers and we hope that the new UK server will provide a more reliable service for those watching in remote locations.

Our Rewind service has been enhanced from 6 hours to 12 hours and is currently available on all our sponsored cameras but will not be available on our European edge network due to the cost in provisioning this facility. Ultimately we would love to have all our cameras sponsored and as soon as this happens then these enhanced services will be made available.

15th June Sample Data

The amount of video streaming delivered by Shetland Webcams is approx 60TB per month which is an incredible amount of video being delivered 24x7 from a small island community.

Since 1st January 2019 the entire streaming platform has delivered 14,469,610 video streams which (17th June) has generated a total of 231.5TB

The average Play Time…that’s the time spent each day with someone somewhere in the world having pressed the Play Button at Shetland Webcams…is currently in the region of 2500 hours per day and often peaking well above 4000!

Bandwidth peaks at 850mbps

The site is visited by approx 3000 “unique visitors” on a 24 hour basis and between them these roughly 3000 ‘people’ generate in excess of 50,000 individual video streams per day.

This is the impact of the way people use the webcam network - you all tend to visit quite a few cameras each day and your personal favourites are often determined by the time of day, time of year and events such as cruise ship arrivals or our seabirds…and yes…the puffins make a big difference to the number of video plays.

As this report is being written we are peaking at around 700-800mbps bandwidth across our Edge network which does give me some heartburn from time to time but so far we are able to deliver consistently high quality and reliable streaming.

I hope some of you will find this information useful and gives an insight into how popular this webcam network has become over the years and especially since the Crowdfunding campaign of last year.

16th June Sample Data

Interactive Map

View our interactive map to find out where our cameras are located.

The Shetland Webcam network is supported by Shetland Broadband, Lerwick Port Authority, the Promote Shetland project and commercial sponsors. To learn more about Shetland visit

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