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The role of a moderator....

This is something I have been wanting to ‘Disqus’ for sometime and I guess that coming back from cleaning the salt off the cameras, I decided it was perhaps timely.

It’s great to be able to gather feedback in (almost) real time using social platforms such as Disqus and, in general, it has worked reasonably well for Shetland Webcams over the years. It is far from ideal and I have always been under pressure to ditch it and look for something ‘better’. I continue to look…

As many of the long time supporters are aware, I have asked a few times for consideration and respect to be the two key factors when posting - especially images - and all these requests have actually been adhered to but I would like to state up front what I feel is acceptable use within the context of this site.

Feedback over the last 3 months has been “less is more” and I tend to agree so here is my Top 5 aspirations;

  1. Respect privacy; images of people and close-up shots are a definite reason to have your post deleted
  2. Keep the posts relevant, on-topic and avoid local, national or global politics….please!
  3. Avoid posting too many images - and none of my blurred hand cleaning cameras as that generates immediate complaints.
  4. Disqus is not a Facebook alternative so keep birthday greetings, lengthy 1:1 chat and the likes for a platform better suited.
  5. If you are unsure of something then avoid speculation as it causes confusion….and more complaints.

Since the email has been setup, I am managing to respond to all requests for information within 24 hours (taking into account time zones). I will continue to meet and exceed that target so take the plunge and test me - info@shetlandwebcams.com

I sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm and support that has been demonstated during the short time the RedEye Campaign has been running but lets reset the clock together and continue self moderation rather than imposed moderation.

I am the sole moderator of the forum but I am unable to police this 24x7x365 but with your ongoing support it takes care of itself - something I am grateful for.

So enjoy, post respectfully and keep this fantastic community alive and kicking.

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