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Shetland Webcams has come a long way since our successful original RedEye Crowdfunding Campaign that ended in May 2018.

Thanks to that initial support we have managed to replace and repair cameras at popular locations. Since then, we have also been able to add the Burradale Wind Farm, Kirkabister, Ronas Voe, Lerwick Boating Club, Burrafirth (in Unst) and The Drongs live streams to the network with more enhancements planned in 2024.

It is unlikely another crowdfunding campaign will ever be undertaken as this is not a sustainable way to maintain this platform however, I often get asked how people can make donations.

Some users have requested one-off donations and some regular payments so I hope the following options can work for as many people as possible.

From 1st January 2024:

For those making a one-time donation

  • A £10 donation = 30 days access RedEye
  • A £25 donation = 30 days access RedEye+

For those wishing to setup a monthly donation

  • For monthly donation of £5 = RedEye
  • For monthly donation of £10 = RedEye+

For those wishing to setup an annual donation

  • Annual donation of £55 = RedEye
  • Annual donation of £95 = RedEye+

Some of our unsponsored live streams may be taken offline randomly but will continue to be available to our RedEye supporters. New locations or streams under test will also be made available to RedEye supporters so we can gather to your feedback.

The network running costs will continue to be supported through commercial advertising and sponsorship opportunities however the donations will be used to support new locations, projects, and maintenance costs.

For 2024 we take a fresh approach.

  • RedEye will provide access to 24H recordings on all views.
  • RedEye+ is a further enhancement to provide access to additional audio streams and higher definition video.

In addition, RedEye and RedEye+ members will be able to access a special 24-hour live broadcast on Up Helly Aa day (Tuesday 30th January 2024) which will include additional views around Lerwick as well as an exclusive stream of the Junior Procession and the highest quality stream of the evening procession.

My intention for 2024 is to make ALL views public with enhancements provided for the exclusive benefit of RedEye members.

This new approach will allow me to properly engineer ALL locations and try to prevent the level of damage we sustained this last year due to the sceanrio which allowed temporary locations becoming permanent by default.

There is not enough income from RedEye to sustain so many non-public installations. It will also allow me to offer more views for our sponsors and advertisers.

Thanks to everyone who supports us through donations as it is you who make new things happen and I hope you continue to get enjoyment from this live streaming platform.

Contact REDEYE donations by email if you have any questions or if something is not working correctly.