Live Aurora from Shetland

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Shetland Webcams Live Aurora streaming impressed so many on 18th March 2018

Almost 4 hours of non-stop jaw dropping action...
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On the 18th March 2018 we were all treated to a global display of the Northern Lights that were broadcast live from our Cliff Cam 3 “AuroraCam” at Sumburgh Head - the southern most tip of Shetland.

This camera looks north over the rather bright lights of Sumburgh Airport however the aurora’s light was even more impressive when it can be seen reflecting on the sea.

We think this moment should be shared so the complete video sequence is available to watch again and in real time. There are plenty of timelapses available online and loads of professional photography but watching nature at work in real time continues to impress.

Make your own playlist up and then sit back and enjoy - and remember to share your Spotify Playlist with us :)

Nature competing with man made light pollution....

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